Luis Torres-Bohl, president of Castalia Communications

Mexicanal Producciones assured rights for dramatic production
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|27 de noviembre de 2020

Castalia Communications participated in MIPCancun consolidating new acquisitions and seeking alliances with renowned companies that offer new contents, magazine formats or projects for the audience of their Mexicanal channel through Ana Lydia Montoya, General Director of the signal. They also hunted for movies "that we know are our audience´s favorite ones, to include them in our offer," explained Luis Torres-Bohl, president of Castalia Communications.

He recalled that Mexicanal is celebrating its 15th birthday and successfully launched Las Cantinas de Cornelio, Ahí Viene el Toro and El Auto de Mi Vida. “After México de Mis Amores, we developed and produced the spin off, México de Mis Sabores,” he furthered.

He added that for this end of the year, the goals are to solidify plans and proposals that increase the business, including distributing Mexicanal in Mexico, Latin America and Spain and promote the OTT Europa+ with the subtitling in Spanish of more than five European languages.

He announced that Mexicanal Producciones, directed by Demian Torres- Bohl, as executive producer, has just assured the rights of what will be the team's first dramatic production.

He feels that 2021 will be a recovery year for everyone in the media industry in the Americas. “Castalia, together with our clients and partners, RTVE, BBC World News, Grupo Bandeirantes, Mexicanal, Smithsonian Channel, have worked within the new normal that has allowed us to continue offering content services to the audiences that need it most during what this pandemic has been".