Beatriz Acevedo, co-founder and president of Mitú Network

Mitú Network: We reached 1 billion impressions per month, ensuring advertisers millions of instant views
23 de julio de 2015

Beatriz Acevedo, co-founder and president of Mitú Network, told PRODU they already have a billion impressions per month in social networks, positioning themselves as an ideal platform for advertising campaigns, ensuring advertisers millions of instant views. "We have proven our advertising power not only with paid projects, but also with altruistic campaigns that are important for our community. A couple of weeks ago one of our campaigns enjoyed great success with the following hashtag #I’mNotAcriminal, for which we activated all our networks to respond to Donald Trump´s accusations to Mexicans. We reached millions of impressions in a few hours; two videos went viral with 4 million views, very rapidly”, she said. Beatriz was interviewed by PRODU during the Bajaweb Festival that took place in Tijuana this weekend and in which she was the godmother. In her opening speech, she mentioned that the Latin American and Hispanic population of the US was the segment that consumed the most Internet video in the entire world. "In barely three years we have created a platform, a home, which more than 3 thousand content creators feel they are part of. We always try to help them grow, to take their contents to another level. We are that good coach that is standing by them helping them in sponsorship and audience”. She also spoke about the current moment of classic TV, media she knows since she was a child. At 15, she was in charge of entertainment for Televisa in Tijuana, her native city in Baja California.