Pablo Ricalde, President of MW Network

MW Network: We will launch two new signals in the first quarter of 2011

09 de enero de 2011

(Maribel Ramos-Weiner). In late February, MW Network will launch two new channels for the U.S. Hispanic market and Latin America: Argos TV, featuring all the programming produced by Argos Comunicación, and Teleclásico HD, a classic movie channel created in association with Roxana Rotundo’s VIP 2000 and Casablanca of Brazil. Pablo Ricalde, President of MW Network explained to PRODU: “We recently acquired a teleport with capacity of up to 22 new signals per satellite, and we have a fiber optics infrastructure capable of feeding numerous channels to the U.S.” For the past seven years, MW Network has been carrying the Momentum signal on Cablevision of New York. The channel was recently redesigned into a lifestyle signal for Latin America. “We changed the format to lifestyle, with productions in Mexico, Colombia, Brazil and the Dominican Republic, and domestically in Miami, New York, Los Angeles and Texas, to showcase the Latin American experience in the U.S.,” said Ricalde. For Teleclásico HD they will reformat in HD all the blockbusters of their time and will produce movies that will become the new classics. “I see the U.S. Hispanic market growing. It is consolidating and soon will become, if not the first, the second most important market for Latin America,” added Ricalde. Ricalde, along with VIP 2000’s Roxana Rotundo, Arlette Siaretta of Casablanca and Epigmenio Ibarra, will attend the next Natpe in Miami to present the new project.