Christian Serratos will play the role of Selena

Netflix began shooting Selena: La Serie

15 de noviembre de 2019

Netflix started shooting last month the first season of Selena: La Serie, which will have six episodes. They also revealed the cast and launched a first official trailer. The series is produced by Campanario Entertainment and has the executive production of Jaime Dávila, Rico Martínez, Suzette Quintanilla, Simran A. Singh, and Moisés Zamora. Carla Hool was in charge of the casting.

“Selena is an inspiring figure who has transcended generations. In Campanario, we always knew that for this series it was crucial to find actors with the adequate combination of talent, charisma, and passion to honor Selena´s legacy and the story of her family. Our casting director, Carla Hool, and her team, found an amazing cast to represent the Quintanilla family, and we are sure the entire world will be captivated once again by Selena`s incredible life," said Jaime Dávila, president of Campanario Entertainment.

Selena: La Serie follows Selena Quintanilla when she was growing up, when her dreams came true, and all the heartbreaking decisions that she and her family had to make while they sailed through success, family, and music.

The cast is comprised by the actress Christian Serratos, who will play the role of Selena, together with Gabriel Chavarría, Ricardo Chavira, Noemí González, Seidy López, and Madison Taylor Báez, who will play the role of Selena when she was young.