Netflix has an overwhelming advantage in SVOD in Latin America

Netflix has an advantage of over 60%
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|14 de marzo de 2020

While in the US the streaming war is more competed among platforms like Netflix (167 million users and 5,368 titles), Prime Video (150 million and 25,698 titles), Hulu (31 million and 2,985 titles), Disney + (29 million and 862 titles), CBS All Access (10 million users), Pluto TV (22.4 million users ) and YouTube Premium (22 million), in Latin America, Netflix has an overwhelming advantage in SVOD, representing more than 60% of the OTT market and Amazon Prime Video (with less of 15%) follows far back.

Tomás Gennari, CEO off BB, indicated during the BB Media Day 2020 that Latin America cannot pay so many OTTs. He mentioned that in the US, the average cost of the main platforms is a total of US$72 per month. While in the US there is an average of 3.5 SVOD platforms per home, in Latin America, they are just 1.9 per home. He recalled that in the region 122 platforms have already died and the medium and small ones will continue to disappear. A consolidation will take place among the big ones.

Gennari also highlighted as another trend for these years the intelligence of contents. He highlighted that in BB they are monitoring 55 countries globally and between OTT 20 and 30 platforms per country (around a thousand in total), supported on an agreement they reached with Microsoft that allows maintaining a great volume of data on the cloud. He commented that only in the last week 33 thousand pieces of content were added to those platforms. Live contents are not taken into account. The information is updated in real-time.

“Pay-TV needs to generate content intelligence and predictive models,” he expressed.

Another trend Gennari mentioned is live streaming and addressable ads, among which he mentioned Trust Ratings Solutions, a TV gathering, measurement, and analysis system whose purpose is to provide more transparent and inclusive audience data that has more coverage.