Esmeralda Pimentel is the star of W Studios' La Bella y Las Bestias

Netflix reloads La Bella y Las Bestias

18 de febrero de 2020

La Bella y Las Bestias, a W Studios telenovela, created and written by Juan Camilo Ferrand in collaboration with Ana Bolena Meléndez y Jorge Cervantes, appears among the ten most popular in Mexico on Netflix.

The series that had its debut on the platform on January 5, stars Esmeralda Pimentel, Osvaldo Benavides, and Macarena Achaga. It tells the story of Isabela León (Esmeralda Pimentel), a young lady who goes from being an unprotected teenager to become an empowered woman, an expert in martial arts and with a huge desire to do justice.

The Colombian writer settled in Miami, Juan Camilo Ferrand, commented that “La Bella y Las Bestias has done very well on Netflix. This new life on Netflix has been very good for it”. Likewise, he announced they are working on a couple of comedies that are in the building process.

La Bella y Las Bestias is an original production of W Studios made by Lemon Studios.