Carolina Rivera, author of Luis Miguel, la Serie: It is necessary to decide what you are going to use

Now it is necessary to filter
Aliana González, Mexico City|23 de julio de 2020

Carolina Rivera, the Mexican writer with a career path of more than 20 years, author of Luis Miguel, la Serie, with two series in production for Netflix, states that the number of feelings that are arising during the quarantine -that range from anguish, uncertainty, sadness to the feeling of loss- even though they are the writers` raw material, they can paralyze them.

“It is necessary to filter, decide what you are going to use. For me, the strong thing is comedy. It is what is going to help me get out of this roulette of emotions. It is something that makes me write well. I think that as writers, we have a side that is hypersensitive," she said, after mentioning that in the writing room they dedicate twenty minutes to talk about the situation and how they feel, so that after, they can dive into work.

“The same as how the audience decides what they are going to watch at a certain point, you, as a creator, also decide what you want to commit to in the next six to eight months of your life. I think it is a very personal decision," she said.

Silvina Frejdkes revealed that even though in one day you can go through many emotional states when you write, you realize that your characters live elsewhere. "They are not coming from the pandemic, they enter and travel their own way. It is a blessing those of us who work in this has" she expressed.

The conversation took place during the PRODU webinar held last Wednesday, July 15, Escribir Ficción en Tiempos de Pandemia (Writing Fiction in Times of Pandemic), in which the Venezuelan Rosa Clemente and the Argentine Silvina Frejdkes also took part.

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