Tom Mohler, CEO and Yeshuah Castillo, Original Productions VP at Olympusat

Olympusat signs co-production agreement with RCTV Internacional
25 de enero de 2019

Yeshuah Castillo, Original Productions VP at Olympusat, announced the signing of a co-production agreement for a series with RCTV Internacional.

''RCTV Internacional is in the midst of the relaunching of its brand, therefore they are opening a production department. This is going to be a short series of no more than 12 episodes, and it will be shot in Caracas, Venezuela,” said Castillo.

This would be the first project of what they expect would be more. “We have already had conversations for a second project, as soon as we begin production and have an official launch of this thriller, we would begin on the second project immediately,” assured the interviewee.

''It is the first co-production we do in Venezuela, and we are proud to do it with a big name like Radio Caracas. Also, we will be working together with two superstars: Martín Hahn and José Simón Escalona, who will be on RCTV’s production team,” added Tom Mohler, CEO of Olympusat.

Regarding commercialization, they reported that the distribution rights will be shared and that each company is going to focus on the territories they dominate best. Olympusat will be in charge of US Hispanic and OTTs, whereas RCTV Internacional will be in charge of Latin America and other territories.