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Original contents work and must be increasingly liquid
Marcela Tedesco|07 de agosto de 2020

Original Netflix contents, of which a couple of years ago there were only two or three in the top 15, now occupy the first places in the ranking of subscribers´ preferences. La Casa de Papel, for example, has led in several territories.

Luciano Zarlenga, Chief Analytics Officer at BB, mentioned that local original productions are also very well ranked in each country, especially in the first few months. This data emerges from recent BB polls that inquire about consumers` top of mind contents in the last three months.

Alejandro Rojas, Director of Applied Analytics at Parrot Analytics, added that local productions are working very well in their countries of origin, and they are also traveling more. For example, Control Z (Lemon Studio) did very well, not only in Mexico but also in Brazil. "The production company isn't thinking only about the impact on the country, but beyond its borders".

For his part, Ariel Hajmi, CEO of Kantar IBOPE Media Argentina and Uruguay, mentioned that digitalization offers a golden opportunity to produce content that users can keep consuming on diverse platforms. "We are working on cross-media to cover consumption on the different platforms, and above all, outside the home. It is a super interesting terrain. Producers must adapt contents to a much more liquid format, more adaptable to the different platforms so they can be consumed 7/24 anywhere”.

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