Ariel Tobi is one of the creators of the new OTT platform

OTT platform YaSports created by Ariel Tobi, Alejandro Sas and Gastón Bercun is launched
28 de agosto de 2015

Ariel Tobi, together with Alejandro Sas and Gastón Bercun, founding partners of Huntmad Media -devoted to mobile advertising and with great experience in the technology industry- created the OTT platform YaSports. It offers sports programming on demand, aiming to complement linear channel’s offer of live events. Ismael Briasco and Ariel Perelman will be CEO and COO of YaSports, respectively. They both come from the tech field and have vast experience in .com developments. The founders of the OTT believe that synergy between executives in traditional TV and technology companies is essential for the new TV that is coming. “I am in charge of negotiations with distributors and leagues/federations for the acquisition of original content. There has been good reception in this first launching stage, where the entire focus is on the Argentinean market, which will be the country where the launch will be held. It will contain official contents from the US Open, Australian Open, Rub Rugby World Cup, Serie A Italian soccer, FIFA, AFA, the best boxing in history and several documentary series on automobilism”, commented Tobi.