Maca Rotter LIVE on #VisitaPRODU with the host Sergi Mass

Panadería and Plan B3 doing videogames' dubbing
Andrés Briceño|05 de marzo de 2020

Maca Rotter, president, and CEO of La Panadería said on #VisitaPRODU that Paola Felgueres will partner with Alejandra Mier on the creation of a new dubbing company called Plan B3, which, along with offering dubbing services to the market in the region, will have a focus on dubbing into neutral Spanish for esports.

“We saw a great opportunity in the region. Videogames dubbing into Spanish is done in the region, but we would be the first to do it into neutral Spanish. Additionally, the dubbing industry is growing in general. There are increasingly more production companies and platforms, and in consequence, a greater amount of content to be dubbed," she reported.

The executive, who has more than 20 years of experience in the licensing business, mentioned that they arrived at esports while looking for content to license, and began to ask where children are. "Thousands of children are glued to platforms watching influencers play videogames, many of them fill entire stadiums to watch the best global players. That is where the opportunity was, since then, we created Arena and have followed this path, both regarding licenses and now with dubbing”.

She also feels that the industry is like a pendulum, in which audiences many times like to be told what to watch, so they will gradually return to linear TV. "There is so much information on platforms that we no longer know what to watch, we might want to go back to having a schedule for each program".

Rotter also mentioned that Mexico represents 3% of the global market in terms of content licenses, however, she mentioned that this 3% is extremely large, with capability for everyone to be successful, so she continues to bet on Mexico and market growth in the country.