Catharina Ledeboer is the writer of Nickelodeon´s youth hits Grachi, Everywitch Way and now Club 57

Pandemic has proven the importance of our work
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|15 de mayo de 2020

According to the Ecuadorian writer Catharina Ledeboer, there is something this pandemic has proven, and it is the importance of her work. "Cinema, television, books. The stories we tell across time not only entertain us, but also give us peace of mind, and guide us. They also help us analyze and understand the world, to form opinions, and understand each other. This has always been like that, but now, the importance of what we do has been highlighted."

Ledeboer hopes that once this health crisis is overcome, we resume the accelerated rhythm of productions for all the platforms we had before this pandemic. "I think there will be many changes that will come as a result of learning and how content was produced in this difficult moment and how it consumed and accepted the audience for those contents. We had to learn the hard way how to do many things differently, but things that work very well".

Ledeboer, who has been the writer of many of Nickelodeon´s youth hits such as Grachi, Everywitch Way and now Club 57, mentioned that during this juncture, work continues the same. "The leaps in the time of Club 57 continue! Videocalls on my team continue. Many new stories are starting to originate in my head. As writers, we normally spend a great deal of time alone, in front of the computer. That didn´t change, but, we are tapping into the extra time due to production delays, to carefully check each script that has already been written of the second season of Club 57 to avoid any reference or topic that reminds children of the pandemic".