Pierluigi Gazzolo: Very happy to join forces, because we are two platforms that are truly local

Pierluigi Gazzolo of TelevisaUnivision on the deal with Globo: Happy to put together ViX+ and Globoplay, two platforms that are truly local
21 de octubre de 2022

"Very happy to join forces, because we are two platforms that are truly local," said Pierluigi Gazzolo, president and Chief Transformation Officer of TelevisaUnivision, announcing, together with Raphael Corrêa, Director of International Business at Globo, the distribution and co-production agreement between ViX+ and Globoplay.

The agreement kicked off with three fictions: two ViX+ projects from TelevisaUnivision: the recently launched series, La Mujer del Diablo (The Devil's Woman), and the upcoming Travesuras de la Niña Mala (Mischiefs of the Bad Girl), based on the book by Mario Vargas Llosa; and the telenovela Todos as Flores by Globoplay Original, the second original production of this platform. The announcement was made during the presentation of All the Flowers of Globloplay at Mipcom.

Pierluigi Gazzolo told Ríchard Izarra, editor-in-chief of PRODU, that Globo will show La Mujer del Diablo and Travesuras de la Niña Mala in Brazil, while All the Flowers, by João Emanuel Carneiro (the same author of the successful Avenida Brasil), will be available in the Spanish-speaking Americas, that is, Latin America, Mexico, and the Hispanic US, by ViX+.

For his part, Raphael Corrêa stated that the agreement is an opportunity to offer high-quality content to more audiences and with more impact, generating scale. The productions will be distributed globally together. “It is a first step of what will come later,” said Corrêa.

Globo's Director of International Business mentioned that Verdades Secretas 2 (Secret Truths 2), the first novel by João Emanuel Carneiro for Globoplay, was launched last year. “We continue with our strategy of having the best Brazilian content for a local regional streaming platform. We believe that Globoplay has all that is needed to offer international content, but also in Brazil we have the content production and curation capacity, either through Globo studios or through our independent production partners,” he commented. "The telenovela genre is very strong in Brazil and the creative capacity of Globo studios is very powerful, even for streaming," he stressed, after commenting that for platforms, this format must be short, about 85 chapters, with narratives creative and more daring.

Also, they have just produced in Brazil the remake of Pantanal, the successful novel that was produced in the 90s, by the creator Benedito Ruy Barbosa, which they also bring to the international market.

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