Diego Álvarez, founder and CEO of Plataforma

Plataforma: Mexico has great development
24 de septiembre de 2019

Diego Álvarez, founder and CEO of Plataforma, said in #VisitaPRODU that even though he Argentine, his company is based in Mexico because it is the main country in terms of development in the entertainment industry.

“Mexico is the first country in terms of development in our industry, this is where we have to be. Additionally, here there is an unending quest for people who contribute and innovate, which makes the biggest ones want to produce and work here," said Álvarez.

The executive reported that they have been working for two and a half years on the biopic about Bronco, to be launched on Tuesday, September 24 on the screen of TNT, always following the guidelines of his company, in which his products “must be related with music, must have a creative differential and must create something new that has never been done before."

“The story has just 13 episodes, we didn´t want to go beyond that. That´s what our business plan was like, we wanted to tell the story the best way possible and in a compact way. Many times it is not a good idea to extend it so much and for it to end when it is at the summit," he explained.

Álvarez also expressed that the series has very good music, a truly interesting story, and amazing characters. Likewise, he added that to make it was a huge challenge, since it is an independent production company, due to all the work it implies: seeking financing, broadcasting sales, and being alert to make sure everything is being made with the highest quality standards.