Diego Álvarez, CEO of Plataforma

Plataforma: We are about to start the ancillary production of the series Bronco
Aliana González, Mexico City|15 de agosto de 2019

In a few weeks, we will start the ancillary production of the series Bronco Un Éxito Indomable, to be launched on September 24 on TNT. Diego Álvarez, CEO of Plataforma, reported that it is aligned with the plot the series develops, and it tells the life of Lupe Esparza´s children at the time of their father´s success, how they seek to pave their way in the music industry and the facts that are unleashed after Choche´s death, that finally led them to become part of Bronco.

Told in a comedy tone, it has 10 three to five-minute episodes. It will be aired at the same time as the series on the Turner platforms and on YouTube.

Regarding the series Bronco, Álvarez said that it took 14 weeks of shooting and has important production values, such as the prevalence of music and the fact of being a period series that takes place between the end of the 70s and the 1990s. Natural landscapes and desert environments of the North of Mexico were recreated, and it includes tours across Latin America and live shows.

In each episode, there is an outstanding milestone or fact and it has episodes that implied interesting challenges, such as mixing scenes from the real band, shot in a presentation at the Auditorio Nacional, and that added the actors, who played a live song in front of 100 thousand people. “Additionally, the emblematic show that took place at the Azteca Stadium and to which special effects were added in post-production, under the responsibility of Santiago Svirsky from VFX Boat,” explained Álvarez.