Luisa Ibáñez, executive producer and founder of Pro-Content Media LLC and part of the Marketing Committee at FilmFlorida

Pro-Content Media: Resuming Latino Hollywood
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|19 de junio de 2020

The group of production service companies, Pro-Content Media LLC that has been operating in South Florida since 2018, is actively working on generating budgets for clients from Spain and Mexico to be able to resume their production in Miami with the same investment they projected in their countries of origin.

“Miami is in an optimistic position that is favorable for many clients from other markets. We are working on a long telenovela and series formats. Now, our clients are not local, they are from Spain and Mexico. At this moment, for them the most important thing –beyond State information– is the topic of visas, waiting for markets to open so they can come work with their local talent here,” explained Luisa Ibáñez, executive producer and founder of Pro-Content Media LLC and part of the FilmFlorida Marketing committee.

The two projects they are now working on are a complete 12-episode series with 24 weeks of shooting. It is a long, 70-episode format. They cannot disclose further details yet.

She explained that the city of Miami is now granting permits for commercials and videoclips once again, that “they have been able to resume production easily because the strategy of small teams and social distancing are favorable”.

Pro-Content Media made in 2019 several projects for Bambú from Spain and Televisa from Mexico with production quality and competitive costs. “We produced an episode of El Último Dragón from W Studios, with the same budget as in Mexico,” she detailed. A similar case was with El Corredor de la Muerte from Bambú Producciones.

The mission is to bring more projects to Miami, “resume Latino Hollywood,” she ended.