The executives who have built the current industry were honored with the PRODU Awards de Oro

PRODU Awards de Oro honored top executives
Marcela Tedesco|29 de noviembre de 2019

Ríchard Izarra, founder and editor-in-chief of PRODU, presented the executives who have built the current industry and honored them with the PRODU Awards de Oro. “Thank you for allowing us to follow your careers and, above all, report your products that, for the pride of our industry, nowadays compete at the same level with the most sophisticated content in the world in international markets and platform” he emphasized.
Roko Izarra, director of PRODU, joined the stage to receive, along with Ríchard, the honorees: Fernando Barbosa, general manager of Media Networks at Disney Latin America, who landed the brand in the region; Carlos Bardasano senior, 50 years in the industry and who played a very important role in the growth of Cisneros; Carlos Bardasano, president of the modern production firm W Studios, one of the most savvy strategists in programming and production; Tomás Darcyl, president of Telefilms, who expanded its company form distributor to producer; Ralph Haiek, president of INCAA, one of the most innovative executives in the industry; Cynthia Hudson, VP and general manager of CNN en Español, she produced programs, launched channels and reinvented CNN en Español; Otto Padrón, president of Meruelo Media, who played an important role in the positioning of Univisión; Marcos Santana, president of NBCUniversal Telemundo Global Studios, a seller with a special gift who now demonstrates the same talent as a producer and showrunner; Luis Villanueva, CEO of Grupo SOMOS, whose company is successful in distribution, production, creation of pay TV channels and content; Marcel Vinay Sr., a pioneer in the selling Mexican’s soap opera in the world, played an important role in the beginnings of TV Azteca; Marcel Vinay Jr., who led Comarex to distribute content from various television stations and now to series production; Patricio Wills, president of Televisa Estudios, who reinvented and internationalized RTI of Colombia, founded Telemundo Studios and W Studios in the US and Televisa Estudios in Mexico.