Juan José Campanella: Making productions in different countries pays off

Producer Juan José Campanella: Our new projects will aim to bring together actors from different places
Aliana González, Mexico City|07 de enero de 2022

The director, scriptwriter, and producer Juan José Campanella said that for their new upcoming projects -many in development already-, he intends to blend organically actors from different places or that making productions in different countries pays off. He described as “excellent” the experience of working with the technical team and with the actors in making Los Enviados, and he said that he is excited to continue with the production agreement with ViacomCBS.

“At this moment I would love to build some kind of Latin American audience so that we get to know our own actors and get used to the different accents in order to avoid dubbing into neutral Spanish. We are looking for projects with these traits,” he commented.

He explained that the lines or borders in terms of distribution have been blurring because the platforms allow programs premiering all over the world. "It is a sign that something good comes out in one country and three or four countries remake it when we could all see the original," he said. The mix of genres is also a fact.

He commented that the demand for production is exploding. "The public no longer wants to see fiction with commercial breaks, it remains to be seen how the business will be arranged between the different platforms, how we will be doing everything ... this is the future of fiction."