Gerardo Brandy, Nippur Media LatAm: It is the best moment to develop content and close agreements

Producing content in English from LatAm for US
Aliana González, Mexico City|16 de junio de 2020

As an opportunity to enter the yet unexplored niche of content production from Latin America for the domestic US market, defined Gerardo Brandy, director of Nippur Media LatAm, the reasons behind the creation of Embarcadero Pictures together with Edward Sabin, former A+E Networks and former Discovery Channel and TLC. 

Brandy went further into this topic on #PRODUprimetime, hosted by Ríchard Izarra, after maintaining that in Nippur Media they have been producing for the Hispanic market and making formats that first appeared on the US TV with the same quality and at a lower cost. His pan-regional experience also allows him to work with resources from different countries, looking for the best in each place.
He states that to make the leap to US networks easier, they will incorporate talent, both showrunners, and writers, to work in this market.

The launch in the middle of the pandemic has to do with the fact that it is the best moment to develop content and close agreements, so as to start production as soon as possible because there will be a need for content. This is why they are developing versions of factual shows and TV films in English.

In this vein, he commented that being at the head of the Cámara Argentina de Productoras Pymes Audiovisuales (Cappa), they have led the creation of protocols. He estimates that at the end of June, they will be able to resume pending projects. As for trends, he believes that open TV and cable will continue sharing the market with streaming, but after a readjustment, some companies will stay along the way.
Watch Gerardo Brandy from Nippur Media on #PRODUprimetime with Ríchard Izarra