Catalina Ramírez, VP of Sales and Acquisitions at Propagate Content: We have three projects in development and production

Propagate Content: Developing the comedy 90 Minutes under the Propagate Fuego division for Peacock's Tplus
25 de mayo de 2022

Catalina Ramírez, VP of Sales and Acquisitions at Propagate Content, announced that they are already developing 90 Minutes under the Propagate Fuego division, while Pinches Momias and La Firma will be starting production in the upcoming months.

Propagate Fuego, a division created for the development of fiction and unscripted in Spanish, has already begun to develop the comedy 90 Minutes for Peacock's Tplus about a soccer team.

Also, they will soon begin production on Vix's Pinches Momias, a teen series about a group of troubled teenagers from Guanajuato who become their town's only hope of survival when their well-known mummies rise from the dead during the busiest week of the year.

La Firma, for Netflix, will soon be in production. The show is about the search for stars, who will have the opportunity to sign a contract with the NEON16 talent incubator, founded by Tainy and Lex Borrero, who will help them develop a career in the urban genre.

Ramírez said that she will be at LA Screenings to also show the company's portfolio of original formats, as well as those of FOX Alternative Entertainment, which include The Masked Singer, Next Level Chef.