Mari Urdaneta, CCO of Raze

Raze: Mexico is the natural and organic headquarters for our studio
15 de noviembre de 2018

Mari Urdaneta, CCO of Raze, commented that Mexico is the natural market to establish their studio and offices, where they are since the end of March. The company also has offices in Los Angeles and in Buenos Aires, list to which they now add Mexico City.

“We decided to start with Raze Live, from where the house we have in Mexico is born. Because to make a magazine show we had to be in a place where talent and the audience we are addressing is. Mexico is very organic and totally logical," she stated, after commenting that they reach more than 55 countries. "Our team is comprised by millennials, who know exactly what audiences want” she commented.

Urdaneta explained that the informatics team at Raze, located in Argentina, conducts an audience analysis, supported on algorithms and different tools used to identify trending topics by country, according to punctual contents. Additionally, they check the networks to know what moves well, they enter conversations and identify what people want to see. "It isn't a secret. As long as it has humor, a great message or teaches something, combined with good talent, people are going to like it," she said.

She explained how they managed to exceed Televisa´s Like la Leyenda with the first episode of the web series Hell Razers, “We are tremendously proud of this, being a company with limited resources, as we are, facing a television station that we all grew up watching and admiring."

She stated that they are making web series and other production projects with digital creators.