Director Álvaro Curiel and David Barraza, Sony Pictures Television Latin America

Reputación Dudosa of Sony Pictures Television led the pre-opening of MIP Cancun 2022
16 de noviembre de 2022

Sony Pictures Television was in charge of the pre-opening of the ninth edition of MIP Cancun, with an event presenting its new productions, being Reputación Dudosa 2, its main bet. The comedy series directed by Álvaro Curie premieres on November 17 in Claro Video.

Before over 100 people, David Barraza, Executive Director of Development and Content for Sony Pictures Television Latin America, presented the progress of three projects very important for the company. “After a very successful year for the company, what better way to celebrate it here? Thanks to you, these products can travel to different corners of the world,” he commented.

The first content presented was Ligeramente Diva, an adaptation of Drop Dead Diva. "A contemporary melodrama that follows the life of the beauty tutorial influencer Vanessa Segura, who dies in an accident and after a brief passage through the afterlife returns in the body nothing hegemonic of the lawyer Delia Delgado, who indirectly caused the accident. It is a kind of comedy that rescues Drop Dead Diva with an updated version.”

The next project was Clínica X, a scripted reality about real cases in a clinic in Mexico City with testimonials about unconventional procedures: "With it, we tried to transform the way of doing scripted reality."

The third preview was Tunnel of Love, a project by Sony Brazil. It is a matchmaking format where the best friend picks the suitor. In this unique social experiment, friendships are put to the test as 10 pairs of friends are split up and sent to live in two different houses, which are connected by a tunnel where the dates take place. It was recognized by the PRODU 2022 Awards as the Best Reality Content.

The star of the night was Reputación Dudosa, a series of eight episodes, produced with Claro Video. It’s about the story of Luis Arturo Alcalá, a pharmacist who dies suddenly and a detective, who was one of his lovers, takes the case to find out if it was a murder. The director is Álvaro Curiel, for whom this project represents his return to Sony and a Latin American collaborative effort to which those who make the series should have moved before. “We have scripts written by Argentinians, and Mexicans, with a Colombian Commission, made in Mexico. It pictures the happy world that Latin America can become after so many years of learning how to make a series.”

“The backbone of this comedy is in the drama, we have confused it for many years with farce, but in the end, the comedy is intelligence and generosity. I would like us to be more generous, share the cake we ate in the pandemic, and now is the time to understand what is happening and see worthwhile content, beyond the quota of productions that we have to cover," he concluded.