Rubén Consuegra and Enrique Sapene, co-founders and co-owners of River Waves Productions

River Waves Productions: Secretos de Villanas for Canela.TV is our first major production
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|09 de septiembre de 2022

Secretos de Villanas (10x60’) for Canela.TV is the first major production by River Waves Productions (Los Angeles), created by Enrique Sapene and Rubén Consuegra. Both met while working in the project My Life is a Telenovela, from WEtv, where Sapene was a talent and Consuegra, director.

Since then, both have worked together on several Hispanic TV projects such as Buenos Días Familia for Estrella TV, where Consuegra was the showrunner and Sapene the host. In addition, Consuegra has been the showrunner and executive producer of the five seasons of Rica Famosa Latina for Estrella TV, which the sixth is about to begin. Sapene has been producer of The Q Agenda and Glitterbomb for LATV Networks.

“We’ve always worked on projects together and it was about time to do it again and create this unique opportunity. We had a meeting with Canela to show them the concept and what they thought about it. They gave us the GO and that's how Secretos de Villanas came about. The long-standing relationships that Rubén has had with talents like Aylín Mujica opened many doors and allowed us to meet with these six fantastic women and convince them to come and do this project,” said Sapene.

They hope there will be several seasons of the series that will debut on October 20 on Canela.TV.

“We cannot reveal names yet, but we intend to bring many fresh faces. Stories and much loved characters requested by the audience are going to be featured in the series,” said Consuegra.

Secretos de Villanas is a unique reality show, because nothing has been rehearsed, they pointed out. “That's where the name Secretos de Villanas (Villain Secrets) comes from, things never imagined about these women will be revealed. There will be incredible surprises. Every day we will be discovering thousands of new things with them, chatting, talking about life, things they have experienced, unique lessons they have learned. Not a single scene in this reality is rehearsed or fake."