Juan Andrés Rodríguez, founder of Rover Entertainment

Rover Entertainment: We are developing content formats with a clear branded content vision
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|21 de junio de 2016

Juan Andrés Rodríguez, founder of Rover Entertainment, told PRODU they are working on generating entertainment formats for US Hispanic. “Due to their nature, they have the potential to be distributed regionally. The genres we are working with are mainly talk show, fiction (superseries), entertainment magazine and game shows. Additionally, we are creating content for distribution in digital media, both fiction and tutorial content,” he explains. The productions are original and the intention is to make them in the US. “We receive requests for talk shows since it is part of our strongest know how, however, in fiction there are a lot of opportunities and our proposals are being very well received,” he commented. In game shows they have El Coliseo (1 hour), in series, they have two superseries 45-minutos: Angels 305 and Desaparecidas. “We are working on two talk shows: a lifestyle magazine and talk show called Vida en Forma, and the talk show with Judith Grace titled Judith Siempre Contigo”. He says that commercial integration is key. “We are developing content formats with a clear branded content vision. We think the world of clients and advertisers moves to content at a high speed. Mainly i digital media,” he expressed. “We are a very small company in a market dominated by big players. Our ideas are original, innovative and designed to attract younger audiences. This vision is what gives us certain advantages and windows of opportunity. The digital media market is more open to new players,” he stated. Our size gives us great capability for reaction and adaptation to our clients’ needs. Everything in our operation is under constant review and adaptation to the needs of the projects we handle. We have surrounded ourselves with very young creative talent. The challenge is strong. To reach millennials is a great adventure,” he ended.