María Jesús Pérez, Interntional Sales director, RTVE

RTVE presented La Caza. Monteperdido and Promesas de Arena at MIPTV
16 de abril de 2019

RTVE led by María Jesús Pérez, Interntional Sales director presented at MIPTV two series for primetime, La Caza. Monteperdido and Promesas de Arena.

La Caza. Monteperdido is a thriller set in a town in the Pyrenees, in the North of Spain. It has eight, 70-minute episodes. Countries such as France, Italy, Greece, the US, Japan and the region of Central America have shown great interest in this product," comments María Jesús Pérez.

Promesas de Arena is a series based on the homonymous novel by Laura Garzón with love as the axis of a plot that revolves around the work of an NGO in Libya.

Regarding TV Movies, they have two debuts, Asesinato en la Universidad and Lope Enamorado. Whereas on the Play platform, they will show the documentary El Equipo D, on a group of Spaniards who work to decipher the Enigma machine in the Second World War.

“Recently, we have closed deals with Acacias 38, series to debut on Channel 13 in Chile. It is the first time we reach open TV with this product. As for the channels, we are about to close an agreement in Armenia for the signal to reach RTVE International, whereas Star is already in Europe, Luxembourg and France,” she adds.

And with the children's channel Clan they already entered Puerto Rico, Uruguay, and Peru.