Sebastián Jiménez, executive director of JK Media Group

Sebastián Jiménez of JK Media Group: Our three studios in Burbank are inviting and cover all production needs
13 de mayo de 2022

#PRODUprimetime with Ríchard Izarra made a tour across the new JK Media Group studios in Burbank, California; where the team, led by Sebastián Jiménez, Executive Director, showed the facilities that cover a total of 16,000 square feet. The visit included Sarah Casson, VP and manager of JK Media Studios; Joston Theney, Commercial Director, in addition to Alexis Serrato, in charge of Project Development, and Mayra Montoya, of Production. Jiménez recalled that JK was founded in Los Angeles in 2007, then in 2012 they opened the Miami office; followed by Bogotá in 2018, and Mexico City in 2019.

Jiménez said that Stage 1 (studio 1), the largest of the facilities with 6,000 square feet -the entire complex is 16,000 square feet-, “is a cozy place. Here we have had Lizzo, Mike Tyson, among some of the figures that have used the studio in these first three months”. He explained that once a client leaves, the space is painted and prepared for the next client. "What’s important for us is that the talent feels comfortable, that we understand all their needs."

Jiménez recalls that during the pandemic while constructing Studio 1, they created an open space as a way for the crew to have social distance and eat outdoors. “We have this space that we can seat 36 people in and it's outdoors. Since it doesn't rain much here in Los Angeles, it's a comfortable place for the crew to have lunch. We have umbrellas to protect them from the sun . But it is better to be outside in the open air because when they are recording for 8 or 12 hours in the studio, they don't see much daylight, so at least at lunch, when they eat outside they can get a little bit of vitamin D.”

This is a medium-sized studio. In January they set up a boxing ring "and we had Mike Tyson here for an interview."

Jiménez explained that this Studio (number 3) is almost always used for photo shootings. “It has a high ceiling which is ideal for taking photos. We had Paris Hilton in January. She was there for three days for a photoshoot for her new perfume.

Each studio comes with its living room, a table for production work, but also comes with full makeup and wardrobe, and a kitchen. And, furthermore, each one has its own VIP room, “where our VIPs can be comfortable, relaxed until it's time for recording” or photo session.

“In the case of studio 3, it has a much larger kitchen because this is the side of the building that can be used for catering. We can easily seat crews of 100 to 150 people.”

Watch the tour and interview here