Luis Villanueva: The series is based on a story that combines generational rebellion, mystery and individual search within a musical framework

SOMOS Productions and Onceloops to produce Maleducadas
15 de octubre de 2019

SOMOS Productions and Onceloops (Argentinian production company) announced in MIPCOM the co-production of a new series Maleducadas (Spoiled).

The 15-episode youth series is based on a story that combines elements of generational rebellion, mystery and individual search within a musical framework.

SOMOS Productions (chaired by Luis Villanueva) and Onceloops (led by Sebastián Mellino) are two production companies that have been characterized by delivering successful musical and drama episodic content. These elements are combined in Maleducadas.

Maleducadas is the story of four young girls, united because their parents don’t allow them to follow their biggest dream: their love for music. After having problems in school, Gegé, Majo, Cony, and Jazz are sent to a camp to discover their spirituality and find themselves; however, the camp is a dark place where danger and mystery are hidden in every corner.

“In SOMOS Productions we are pleased to partner with Onceloops for Maleducadas. Their experience in handling musical stories and our strengths in this genre are combined in this refreshing and attractive story. Elements of friendship, love and the anguish that face this new generation are all put together. We are sure that this series adds value to the successful catalog that we have developed in our company. This format is very much in line with contemporary consumption habits, guaranteeing wide distribution,” expressed Villanueva.

“I am very excited that I have found in SOMOS Productions a partner that believes in the power that music has in content. SOMOS bets on cutting-edge products developed around the youth genre, which personally excites me since Maleducadas is a series designed for Generation Z,” stated Mellino.