Ana Bond, SVP and MD, International Production, Latin America, for SPT

Sony Pictures Television begins production on De Brutas, Nada
12 de septiembre de 2019

Sony Pictures Television (SPT) started production of its new dramedy De Brutas, Nada. The series is based on an original idea by best-selling author Isabella Santo Domingo (Los Caballeros las Prefieren Brutas, 2010).

“We’re excited to bring to our audience such a young, edgy and relatable show, that revisits women’s roles in society with a splash of humor. De Brutas, Nada is a story about human relations; marriage, friendship, love, commitment, romance and the eternal search of a soul mate. We are taking advantage of our great intellectual property (IP) with this project,” said Ana Bond, SVP and MD, International Production, Latin America, for SPT.

The 20 hour-long episodes star Tessa Ia (Narcos: Mexico) as Cristina and Cristian Vásquez (Sitiados) as Alejandro. The main director for the series is Ariel nominated Rafael Lara (Jesús de Nazaret, Al Filo de La Ley). He is joined by directors Rolando Ocampo (Rosario Tijeras) and Oscar-nominated Maria Gamboa (Mateo). “We’re delighted to work with such a talented ensemble cast and crew and give this original production a fresh, new cinematic take,” added Bond.

De Brutas, Nada tells the story of Cristina (Ia), a young, independent and successful woman, who strives to have a perfect life, with the perfect career and soon to be the perfect husband. Right before the wedding, Cristina discovers her fiancé is cheating on her and her whole world collapses. Cristina can no longer afford their new apartment and needs to find a roommate. Her requirements are clear: no heterosexual testosterone allowed. Alejandro (Vásquez), an unsuccessful writer on the verge of homelessness pretending to be gay seems to be the perfect candidate. As fate will have it, Cristina and Alejandro will soon realize love is stronger than deceit.