The team is led by Marie Jacobson, Head of Creativity, Sony Pictures Television

Sony Pictures Television launches new low-budget, boutique TV production unit
19 de marzo de 2019

Quality productions made with tighter budgets is Sony Pictures Television´s goal, so it is launching a new production unit boutique TV production unit, still unnamed, reported the magazine Variety.

The new unit will be a division that is complementary to the studio´s current SPT business and will be an incremental addition to what Sony already does.

The team is led by Marie Jacobson, until recently Executive VP, Programming and Production, SPT Networks and now Head of Creativity. Jacobson will report to the president of Sony Pictures Television Studios, Jeff Frost.

The president of Sony Pictures Television, Mike Hopkins, reported that they will create high-quality programs for television, but are going to change the way they produce them.

These programs would be for basic cable and platforms, such as the channels Sony and AXN, as well as the cable channels that require more content abroad, so they can fulfill the demand they have thanks to their important presence abroad. The intention is to make local productions in Latin America, Central Europe, and Asia.

Kathryn Busby performs as Senior VP and Carolyn Carbone as VP of the new unit. The team will work in close collaboration with Steve Kent and Steve Maynard. Some of the productions this unit will make are Absentia, that takes part of Amazon Prime Video offering in the US, the detective comedy Carter, starred by Jerry O’Connell, and the Australian thriller Reckoning.