Ana Bond from Sony: Working on projects with an important focus on diversity

Sony: Race and gender inclusion is important
27 de noviembre de 2020

Ana Bond, SVP and General Director of International Production for Latin America at Sony Pictures Television, reported from MIPCancun Online+ that they took advantage of the pandemic time to meticulously develop many projects, in all stages of pre-production so that they come out of the best shape when producing them.

The executive also mentioned that they are placing an important focus on diversity, integrating minorities both in front of and behind cameras, creating motivating and inclusive stories, such as ChocQuibTown in Colombia, or an adaptation of the book El Filo de Tu Piel, that is gay fiction.

''Race and gender inclusion is something important. We have been working on projects like this for a long time, but now will focus more on this. It doesn't mean we will only do this type of content, but we try to include some of this in the topic," she expressed.

Bond also pointed out that they are back with multiple productions, with all the security measures due to coronavirus, and emphasized that the budgets have risen to be able to comply with all the necessary biosafety protocols. "They have all taken this situation seriously and the truth is that people have been very careful, however, there are many variables we cannot control".