Zasha Robles, executive producer, and showrunner of Toda la Sangre (10x60')

Spiral: For Toda la Sangre we used more than 80 historic locations in Mexico City
Aliana González, Mexico City|28 de noviembre de 2021

Zasha Robles, executive producer, and showrunner of Toda la Sangre (10x60') said they are in the post-production of the series about a murderer on the loose in Mexico City, who recreates his killings as if they were Aztec settings.

The production of the series included working in more than 80 locations in the historic center of the city, such as the Zócalo, old buildings, churches, and catacombs, in order to show the killers' point of view and at the same time, a lot of historical sites in Mexico. "We spin very fine between suspense and terror," Robles emphasized.

Robles is the CEO of Spiral International, which together with PantaYA, STARZPLAY, and Fremantle México, produce the series. It was filmed between June and the end of August 2021. The post-production stage will end between February and March 2022.

He said it was amazing to have directors such as Luis Prieto and Hari Sama. “Prieto worked on Kidnap, which is Halle Berry's last film, and John Malkovich's last film, which will probably come out early next year, and in the first block of our series Toda la Sangre. And Hari Sama, who has been nominated for 12 Ariel Awards, did the second half of the series,” said Robles, after commenting that it was very interesting how the styles of both directors combined.

The thriller is based on the crime novels of the Mexican author Bernardo Esquinca, which narrate the story of a crime journalist, Eugenio Casasola, who is determined to solve every crime that plagues Mexico City, and who runs into a series of murders that resemble Aztec sacrifices, defying the laws of nature.

Aaron Díaz plays the role of Eugenio Casasola and Ana Brenda Contreras performs the role of Lieutenant Edith Mondragon, who is more skeptical when investigating the crimes.