Don Browne from Telemundo and Danielle Gonzales from Tapestry were among the participants to the webinar

Strong growth in the U.S. Hispanic segment in 2011-2012
01 de marzo de 2011

(Maribel Ramos-Weiner). The U.S. Hispanic segment is the leading conversation topic among media clients, said Danielle Gonzales, Executive VP and General Manager of Tapestry, during her participation in the webinar “America’s New Lucky Numbers: What the Ups and Downs of 2010 Census Data Mean for The Television Business.” At the webinar, organized by Multichannelnews, Gonzales talked about observations she makes to her clients about the 2010 Census. These include: The U.S. is a diverse market, there is multicultural growth in markets beyond those purely Hispanic, there has been an important demographic change, and there are more consumers of mixed cultural origins. For the executive, in terms of media, this translates into content with higher multicultural concentration and companies that are modifying their communication and promotion strategies to cater to this segment. She clarified that this does not necessarily require companies to create various campaigns for the different consumer origins, but instead to identify similarities and common themes to achieve a unified approach. To conclude, Gonzales pointed out that for some clients the Census results will be a wake-up call and for others a reaffirmation that they are going in the right direction. Other attendees to the webinar included Don Browne, President of Telemundo; Raúl Cisneros, Chief of Public Relations for the U.S. Census Bureau; and Jonathan Stringfield, Manager of Measurement Science COE at Nielsen.