Marcos Santana, president of Telemundo Global Studios: Together we will come out stronger and more united than ever

Telemundo Global Studios continues with remote post-production

02 de abril de 2020

Marcos Santana, president of Telemundo Global Studios, sent a message of encouragement to the industry and its employees, indicating that as a precaution they have suspended the productions that were already underway, but thanks to technology they continue working on the post-production of several of their upcoming series, with the tech teams working safely from their homes. Additionally, the company is using this time to continue with the preparation of several of their future series in terms of development, pre-production, scriptwriting, and even virtual castings.

Santana emphasized that the health and wellbeing of their talent, production teams and employees have been and will continue to be the main priority since they are an essential piece of Telemundo Global Studios´ success. “We are living a challenging period, never before seen in our lives and are all adjusting to handle our operations in this new environment the best way possible and continue to grow our business in the long term. We are extremely grateful and proud of the commitment and flexibility the entire team of Telemundo Global Studios has shown during these difficult times," he said.

He added that they are monitoring the situation of the pandemic on a daily basis to ensure the adequate moment to start the projects again and contribute by generating work and opportunity for thousands of people.

“Our company is solid and is well-positioned to overcome these times without precedents, and are sure that together we will come out stronger and more united than ever,” he concluded.