Carlos Bardasano, Televisa's executive producer: It is a tribute to love with dear characters

Televisa: Si Nos Dejan is a story of infidelity and great loyalties
29 de octubre de 2021

Si Nos Dejan (82x60´), the new novela for the primetime of Televisa's channel Las Estrellas, written by Leonardo Padrón based on the original idea by Bernardo Romero (Señora Isabel, aired in 1993) will be launched on November 1 at 9:30pm. The novela had a successful debut on Univision in June.

In a presentation to the media, its executive producer Carlos Bardasano, stated that although it tells a story of infidelity, it also reflects great loyalties and hope. "It is a tribute to love with dear characters," he said.

He explained that the theme song, Si Nos Dejan by José Alfredo Jiménez, could not have been better chosen, which has been covered by Belinda and Christian Nodal. Luis Manzo and Carlos Cock are the general directors.

It tells the story of Alicia, a woman who believes she has the perfect marriage and family but discovers that her husband has been unfaithful for years. Victim of her partner's deceptions and disappointments, she makes the difficult decision to separate, rebuild her life and give love a new opportunity, in which she goes against stereotypes by falling in love with someone with whom there is an age difference.

The stars of the novela are Mayrín Villanueva, Alexis Ayala, y Marcus Ornellas. The cast also includes Scarlet Gruber, Isabel Burr, Alex Perea, Lore Graniewicz, Gabriela Carrillo, Isidora Vives, Carlos Said, Jorge Gallegos, Ara Saldivar, José María Galeano, Solkin Ruz, Paco Luna, Amairani Romero, Packey Vázquez and Elissa Marie Soto Bazán as Sofía, daughter of Martín, played by Ornellas. It also features the first actors Susana Dosamantes, Roberto Mateos, Mónica Sánchez Navarro, Víctor Civeira, Mónica Dionne and Henry Zakka. The novela signals the return of Gaby Spanic to telenovelas.

Other versions of Señora Isabel have been Mirada de Mujer (1997) and Victoria (2007).