Rosy Ocampo, executive producer of the franchise Vencer, announced that the fourth season to premiere in 2022 is called Vencer la Ausencia

Televisa: Vencer franchise allowed us to combine commercial success with social impact
Aliana González, Mexico City|10 de noviembre de 2021

Rosy Ocampo, executive producer of the franchise Vencer, announced that the fourth season to premiere in 2022 is called Vencer la Ausencia (Overcome Loss), and it will deal with the feeling of loss after the death of a family member, a divorce or abandonment. The program will feature four stories of women who manage to overcome these situations and rebuild their lives.

Ocampo considers it as an anthological and unique series, since there is no similar format in the world. In addition, each new show has been more successful than the previous one, dragging the audience from one season to the other, and adding new viewers. Last Friday, November 5, was the last episode of the third season, Vencer el Pasado, which during mid-week days had up to 4.7 million viewers (in P4 +), becoming the most watched on open TV. It also has had similar high ratings on Univision.

"With this program we managed to combine commercial and social impact success,” said Rosy Ocampo, after explaining that, if the franchise continues this performance it will have a season each year.

The topic is selected after thoroughly researching current issues and working with age groups. “Is during this process that we’ve discovered that the public wants to see fundamental concepts such as the loss or absence of someone, due to death or abandonment. And although the pandemic obviously left us with many losses, this season will not address it,” she said.

The episodes are written by Pedro Armando Rodríguez and Alejandra Romero along with Humberto Robles, Gerardo Pérez and Luis Gamboa. “It is about looking for answers to rebuild and renew ourselves, reinvent ourselves, in the face of these situations,” said Ocampo, noting that from the beginning the team of writers has worked under the technique of an American room of writers.

The production company is planning to start filming in April in order to air the show in July. They will have new main characters, although there are others that may come from previous seasons, depending on how endearing they have been to the audience.

She explained that they have been learning from each program, improving each season. From the one that concluded last Friday, one of the lessons was that it takes more time to talk about certain topics, as some parts were not addressed with the needed time. “There were parts where the pace was too fast. Furthermore, the epilogue (or advice) must not be abstract, it must refer to what happens in each chapter,” she said.

According to Ocampo the audience likes how the timeline is managed in the show, which includes flashbacks (in the first 40 chapters) and flashforwards (in the last 40 chapters), among other resources. The fact that it is not linear draws the attention of the audience, so this type of narrative will continue.