Ignacio Meyer, TelevisaUnivision: It´s key to remain committed to serving the audience as its behavior changes

TelevisaUnivision: NFTs are a way to take our brands and franchises one step further
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|15 de abril de 2022

For Ignacio Meyer, EVP of Music and Non-Scripted Entertainment at TelevisaUnivision, NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are a way to extend the ecosystem and take the company's brands and franchises one step further. “We are trying to see how we venture into the NFT space. We still do not have a concrete plan or something to announce, but we are looking at it, which is interesting. It is also a way to continue taking advantage of the interaction on social networks and be able to reach product bases with what we already have: linear content and streaming,” he pointed out.

Regarding trends and challenges in entertainment, Meyer mentioned that it is key to “remain committed to serving the audience as its behavior changes. The consumer is changing faster than ever, embracing new forms and technologies and content formats more than ever and that's the big trend we're all facing. It is important that we keep track of this moment of evolution and innovation, without losing the essence and the primary objective that is to entertain the public.”

For Meyer, streaming is a great opportunity. “It's amazing to be able to quickly become a global player in content creation, to have a global audience that we're targeting through technology and streaming platforms. We are really willing to supply content to the ViX platform and take the content production philosophy of our networks and translate it into the streaming platform. Drive loyal viewers from one platform to another, indistinctly. We want to focus on content that is highly engaging on whatever platform it lives on,” he said.

Of the most interesting innovations in technology-driven by the pandemic in the last couple of years he mentioned extended and augmented reality as “important elements to live productions.” “These are the things that we have used the most and want to continue using.”

They also realized that they had the potential to do much more with immersive sets and the use of the 360 cameras that they activated at the Latin Grammy 2020, giving the audience access to behind the scenes in what was the media center, the red carpet, and backstage. “We lost the fear of moving around within live events to offer a deeper experience to fans through 360 cameras. We use augmented reality in Tu Cara me Suena in 2020 and still, we do. The extended reality show or XR was used significantly at Premios Juventud 2020 and we have continued to use it ever since," he concluded.