Lia Silkworth from Telemundo, Karina Dobarro of Horizon Media and, Boris Gartner from LaLiga North America

The audience wants to see empowered women

Maribel Ramos-Weiner, New York|31 de octubre de 2019

Boris Gartner, CEO of LaLiga North America; Karina Dobarro, SVP, Multicultural at Horizon Media; and Lia Silkworth, SVP Strategy and Insights at Telemundo participated in a supersession titled Changing Options for Serving Hispanic Audiences, in which they offered their views on the new paths the business is taking to cater to Hispanic TV viewers.

Gartner commented that soccer is a global sport and that they must think beyond country barriers. “We are barely starting our second year of operations and are happy with what we have planned to do. The next following years towards the World Cup will be decisive."

For his part, Silkworth, who spoke from the perspective of consumer research, said that the audience wants to see women in power positions and Telemundo has generated stories with women leaders. When consulted on if it is true that Telemundo is a leader in primetime when Univision also claims to be leader, the executive commented that "what is obvious is that there is no clear number one". He added that for them being number one is much more complicated than for Univision since they produce most of their content and for that, they must carry out tests for each one without knowing if they will be successful. Silkworth also said they spend an important amount of time analyzing primary data to optimize content.

Dobarro, who contributed the perspective of the media agency, was consulted on the new streaming platforms that are arising, mentioning that prices and family content are going to be elements to take into account for audiences that acquire these new services.

As for measurements, Dobarro explained they are seeking the balance between impressions and ratings and that these are compared with the results of the business, and that there are attribution tools (tools for data and measurements) that help drive investment.