Lola Flores

The Flores Family, The Mediapro Studio and Non Stop preparing biopic series about Lola Flores
20 de junio de 2019

The Flores Family, The Mediapro Studio and Non Stop are already working on a biopic series about Lola Flores, the artist who undoubtedly marked an entire era in Spain’s popular music history.

The artist is undoubtedly Spain’s greatest sweetheart, admired throughout the 20th century in her homeland and even sometimes becoming a source of controversy. The series will narrate her story from her humble origins, developing in parallel with the principal historical events that left their mark on Spain during those years.

For the first time ever, the Flores family, represented by Lolita and Rosario Flores on this project, have decided to tell the story of the remarkably unique person who was Lola Flores in a series on which the Flores sisters, together with Mariola Orellana, will be executive producers. The creators and producers of The Mediapro Studio and Non Stop act as media partners on the project.

La Faraona and Antonio González El Pescaílla created one of the most powerful artistic clans in Spain’s recent history: Los Flores. The series will tell the artist’s story and that of her family and promises to reveal aspects about Lola’s life hitherto unpublished and which her own fans had not been privy to until now.

The series, which will consist of two seasons, narrates the life of Lola Flores from the beginning, when her parents struggled to provide for the family in Jerez, until the end of her days. The series will reflect on the void her death left in the Spanish artistic life and in her own Flores clan, who were also forced to deal with the loss of Antonio Flores just days after the death of La Faraona.