Panelists: Kathe Jhaveri of the NBA, Sophie Kelly of Diageo, Tara Walpert Levy of YouTube and, Michael Kassan of MediaLink

The NewFronts highlighted the importance of social media creators to engage with brands in a relevant way
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|06 de mayo de 2022

Tara Walpert Levy, VP of the Americas of YouTube, and Michael Kassan, Chief Executive Officer of MediaLink, addressed the importance of creators in social networks for brands and advertisers in the talk “Setting the agenda: the creator economy”, on the first day 2022 NewFronts Stream on from IAB.

Walpert suggested that brands should be closer to the creator economy, as creators know how to connect with new generations without losing older fans.

YouTube has just launched an exclusive partnership with Paramount to present the world’s premiere of Maverick: Top gun on Wednesday the 4th on Paramount's 150 YouTube channels around the world, for free, she noted. Paramount also is launching a makeup line related to the style of Netflix’s series Bridgerton.

Walpert thanked brands for driving the streaming and creator boom.

Also during this presentation was a panel, moderated by Sheila Dang of Reuters, that included Kathe Jhaveri, executive VP, and CMO of the NBA; Sophie Kelly, Senior VP of North American Whiskey Portfolio at Diageo; Walpert and Cassan.

For Kelly of Diageo, creators are key to engaging with the brand in a relevant way.

Jhaveri from NBA informed that they are co-developing with the creators. “We know that the communities around creators are so strong that when we partner with them we can authentically reach new groups.”

Jhaveri explained that not all brand content is suited for creators of social networks, but to other media, "it is important to segment and target." She highlighted that YouTube has done a great job of making brands feel safe. Kelly suggested brands make long-term commitments with creators. "Try not to just do a project and that's it."