Ríchard Izarra, editor-in-chief and founder of PRODU and Roko Izarra, director of PRODU

The PRODU Awards are making history
05 de diciembre de 2021

Absolute success is the best definition of the PRODU Awards Gala, after 50 hours of streaming, where emotion, surprise, and nostalgia were part of the show. In its fifth edition, the awards demonstrate that they have become the most important in honoring talent and content in Spanish.

"I am very excited about the great work we’ve accomplished and I can only say ‘wow.’ I believe that we are making history and, on behalf of PRODU and our TOAC partners, we want to congratulate the winners, those who received well deserved special tributes, but above all, our industry, those who make these high-quality productions in Spanish possible and I’m sure that what will see in 2022 will be even better. We want to thank the advertisers, this great PRODU team, and our allies, who made possible this audiovisual marathon, the presenters who amused us, those who followed us these 50 hours and our industry,” said Ríchard Izarra, editor-in-chief and founder of PRODU.

“We’re very grateful for the support of the industry and with the more than 25 television stations and platforms that pledged to aired this program with a one-hour special with the best moments of the PRODU Awards, and thanks to the sponsors and E! Online Latino and AtresPlayer that broadcast the 50 hours,” added Roko Izarra, director of PRODU.

On the second day of the PRODU Awards Gala, 39 awards were bestowed, Eugenio Derbez received the Crossover recognition, it was paid a tribute to Don Francisco for his professional career, and an In Memoriam was held to recognize the work of the writer Delia Fiallo, a few months after her death. The Gala was conducted during the day by Laura Fernández and Sebastián Llapur and during the night by Valeria Mazza, Boris Izaguirre, and Alan Tacher.

“I was 42 years old when I tried for the first time to be part of the American market. But this did not happen until I finally left everything, including my stability in Mexico, grabbed my suitcases, took a 100% risk 100% percent risk, burned my ships in Mexico, and came to live in the US, at that moment I was 52 years. I do not regret having made that decision. I have discovered that the best way to grow and do what you want is to generate your own material,” said Derbez.

After receiving the Award for a Lifetime of Artistic Dedication, Don Francisco expressed his joy and gratitude for having been selected to receive a tribute to his 60 years of career.

“At this stage of my life I have the show Reflexiones on CNN, and I am about to close with a platform the story of Sábado Gigante. In addition, I am about to turn 60 on the same channel where I started: Channel 13 of Chile. For me, this has always been a passion and that is why I go on and on, adapting to the times,” Don Francisco said.

In addition to the Awards ceremony, the broadcast included interviews with talents, conductors, actors, and producers, who spoke about their careers and projects, among other things.

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