Ángel Aponte, producer of TV Azteca: Lockdown was not the solution and that is why we adapted

Todos Quieren Fama takes light entertainment to families
Aliana González, Mexico City|22 de octubre de 2020

Ángel Aponte, creator and executive producer of TV Azteca´s Todos Quieren Fama, assured that the program, that was conceived and activated due to the pandemic, has been on the air for a month on Azteca Uno, intending to take light entertainment to families in the 4:30pm slot, from Mondays to Fridays.

“The lockdown was not the solution, we had to adapt and change the way we were working. We wanted to put a program in which people had fun, that generated links, but was consumed easily,” he stated.

The producer detailed how he care for each detail on the live program. Everything is disinfected previously, covid-19 tests are run on participants and there are markets on the floor for the reduced audience to help them maintain distance. Everyone in the forum must have face masks mandatorily and can only take them off when they go onstage.

Aponte defined Todos Quieren Fama as a live musical show in which participants´ charisma onstage matters more than their vocal capabilities. Participants are renewed each week and Fridays there is a winner who takes away more than US$2 thousand. They do castings on the TV Azteca app and the audience also participated in real-time. Roger González is the host of the program.

Aponte has a vast career path on TV: he produced for TV Azteca the last two editions of La Academia, Mexicana Universal, and special programs. Before this, he was at Univision.