Valeria Nardecchia, executive director, Tsunun

Tsunun: We offer new comedy, action, and adventure projects and a group of independent films with a recognized cast
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|10 de febrero de 2023

Among the new projects that Tsunun presented at Content Americas are two comedies: a long-format with talent from Spain and Colombia, ready to produce "where we only need a minority partner," said Valeria Nardecchia, Executive Director; and a sitcom-type series/novel, “that teaches something and is suitable for all markets. In this case, we are looking to option the project. There is no producer yet.”

Tsunun introduced a long-format action-adventure project with a strong multicultural component. “It's a premium international spy series, inspired by real events and heavily anchored in music,” she said. Adding that the project has the iconic Spanish actress Angela Molina as co-writer and protagonist, together with the Argentine, Enrique Piñeiro, who is an actor, pilot, businessman, and humanitarian activist. The creator is the playwright and director, Vera Fogwill, who has cast Alejandro Maci as a talent, and who could be the showrunner of the series.

Regarding finished products, Tsunun has a strong catalog of world-premiere independent films, with a renowned cast. The list includes El Caso Monroy, starring the famous Damián Alcázar; Reparo with Flor Torrente (Victoria) and Luciano Cáceres (Graduados, Operación México), Miranda de Viernes al Lunes with Inés Estévez (Pipa), Bill79 with Diego Gentile (Relatos Salvajes, Maradona: Sueño Bendito, El Reino). “And a black comedy hilarious film that we are offering as original and that is in post-production,” pointed out Nardecchia.

“This is in addition to our remaining catalog we have been managing since 2021 with talents such as Rodrigo de la Serna, Ricardo Darín and his son “Chino” Darín, Nancy Duplaá, Juan Minujín, Eva de Dominici, Diego Sbaraglia, to mention just a few,” she said.

Nardecchia revealed that they closed two deals with platforms for a package of movies and optioned one of their book titles for a long format.

As recent additions to the catalog, she mentioned Los Gauchos del Mar, several feature films and documentary series on adventure, travel, exploration, and sport where the brothers Julián and Joaquín Azulay visit different countries in search of the most incredible waves to surf and connect with the locals’ culture.

“We have almost five years in the market as distributors, selling IP. We have managed to close agreements with many of the main players in the market. We keep learning and adapting every day, bringing new stories. We understand that we have a great challenge ahead due to changes in technology, corporations, and business models,” she concluded.