Pedro Carmona, Grupo Salina: The quality and sharpness of the image that our viewers receive comes from a very complex platform

TV Azteca: After 29 years of broadcasting, we are a benchmark in the industry
Carmen Pizano, Mexico City|24 de agosto de 2022

TV Azteca celebrated 29 years of work and innovation, and within the framework of this anniversary, a well-deserved honorable mention should be given to the Technology team; the group of professionals, technicians, engineers, and specialists responsible for the tech infrastructure and for taking the four national channels'  network to every corner of Mexico and to 23 other countries.

In an interview with Pedro Carmona, CTO of the network of Grupo Salinas, he highlighted the dedication in the search for technological tools to achieve the right signal distribution infrastructure, as well as the steps taken towards modernity, such as the first 4K live transmission of a sporting event and the management of a highly complex programming grid where live musicals, reality shows, drama, live sports and a channel totally devoted to the news have to converge.

“It has been tireless work. The quality and sharpness of the image that our viewers receive comes from a very complex platform and it is that the television company of Grupo Salinas has not only achieved the integration of four national networks: Azteca 1, Azteca 7, adn40, and a+, but also has become a leader in innovation in this industry market”, said Carmona.

For Carmona this anniversary is very relevant and important for TV Azteca: “The history of TV Azteca has been very brilliant since August 2, 1993 until today, the operation has been exemplary and is a great story of success and consolidation of projects”.

The technological platform they have achieved is very robust and ranges from the forums to the DTT signal delivery processes and on multiple digital platforms, which must also be aligned with the authority regulations.

"We continue to invest to be at the forefront of technology for an impeccable transmission, we have specialized engineers who have a huge vocation for delivering quality TV, I consider them to be an 'unstoppable' team, as our slogan says" he pointed out.

“Increasingly we have more specialization, we reach more people, and with great pride, we highlight that we are a benchmark as an industry in Latin America and the world in terms of our processes, neatness in our operations, and in the engineering with which we do things on TV Azteca".