Patricia Jasin, VP of TV Azteca Internacional

TV Azteca Internacional: We must look for the space for each product
13 de noviembre de 2018

Patricia Jasin, VP of TV Azteca Internacional, said in #VisitaPRODU how she sees the change the distribution business has experienced with the irruption of platforms and new consumption modes.

"Prices of licenses have decreased due to the enormous increase of offer. The distribution model that sells something very punctual is in extinction. We offer services, we don´t sell things. We must make alliances as partners with our clients, not just as providers. This is a public relations industry".

Jasin highlighted that TV Azteca´s strategy is focused on entertainment, premium fiction and in the case of live programming, on the sales of adaptable formats. “Each product has its market, and the market demands variety”. On this point, she pointed out that the Latin American industry abandoned the audience of the classical telenovelas to make new products and this loophole is what has allowed the entrance to Turkish, Greek, and Korean content, so consumed in the region now.

In her opinion, open TV in Mexico continues to be the most massive media. “Open TV attracts more people”. The use of big data tools and feedback through social networks are elements they do not disregard when planning and selling contents. “It is necessary to plan tools, adapt business models”.