Jorge Gutiérrez, director of TV Azteca Internacional for Pay TV

TV Azteca Internacional: We will incorporate short series to AZ Corazón
19 de julio de 2019

The trend is for entertainment consumers to look for shorter contents. In response to this demand, AZ de TV Paga will start to incorporate short series to the grid of their telenovelas channel AZ Corazón, a novelty they presented at the Convergencia Show MX.

“In the Mexican market we play locally, and the evolution of cable operators is generating new offer since they are entering the VOD market, not only linear, but they are going digital and we are evolving with them,” commented Jorge Gutiérrez, director of TV Azteca Internacional for Pay TV.

Their productions are in that evolution line. “We continue producing original content for our signals, such as Todo un Lujo on AZ Clic and a very big catalog from AZ Corazón. Additionally, we have the Project to incorporate short series or teleseries to AZ Corazón, in response to this demand. This is part of what you are going to see in the second year.”

Another of the novelties is the new children´s channel that joins the family. “Funbox is the fifth channel we add to the portfolio. It is a very carefully designed cannel that has very sound programs, crafted in Chile that has the strictest laws regarding programming for minors. We liked it a great deal because the animations they handle are pedagogical, with values and can be seen by any child between 3 and 11.”