Benjamín Salinas: We have overcome the most difficult year in our history, proving, once again, that we are unstoppable

TV Azteca: We celebrate our 29 anniversary with a presence in 23 countries and new content
12 de agosto de 2022

After being a state-run television station Imevisión, Grupo Salinas acquired it on August 2, 1993. After 29 years, as TV Azteca, the network became a leading audience media group not only in Mexico but also in the 25 countries in which it is broadcast. In addition, its contents travel to Europe and Africa, dubbed into different languages, including Arabic, French, and Portuguese.

Benjamín Salinas, VP of the Board of Directors, Grupo Salinas, highlighted the work of the entire team that makes up the company during these years, aiming to "make the best television in Mexico." “We consolidated as leaders in audiences, with a presence in 23 countries. We have overcome the most difficult year in our history, proving, once again, that we are unstoppable. We are always at the forefront, with innovative formats, the best movies, and the biggest live productions” he said with gratitude.

He added that over the years they have acquired a state-of-the-art technology, renewing and invigorating all the equipment, and built cutting-edge studios: "We have revamped and we are stronger than ever on all digital platforms, triggering millions of conversations and trends every day. We brought back to the world their favorite programs such as Survivor, La Voz (The Voice), and La Academia (The Academy), which after 20 years of its first edition, continue to excite every weekend. In sports, we are the audience darlings and we are ready to be crowned as the favorite channel in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar”.

He concluded his anniversary message with the conviction that all this work has been reflected in an increase in sales, ensuring a responsible financial strategy. "That allows us to remain competitive in the future."

Throughout these 29 years, TV Azteca's content has traveled around the world, thanks to its distribution and international team, which have managed to position recent content such as Un Día para Vivir in continents such as Africa, in addition to consolidating its presence in Europe and broadcast productions dubbed in different languages.

The pay TV channels Mundo, Corazón, Clic, and Cinema are also a part of the distribution offer that has broken down barriers and that today have entered millions of homes in Mexico, Latin America, and other continents.