The series is composed of standalone episodes in which death is the main character. It premiered on September 6 at 8:30 pm

Un Día para Vivir marks the return of TV Azteca to fiction production
Aliana González, Mexico City|08 de septiembre de 2021

With Un Día para Vivir, a 60-episode production by Rafael Urióstegui, TV Azteca begins the production of original fiction as a strategy, tentatively to be broadcast on Azteca 7. Azteca Uno will also begin broadcasting fiction from 2022. The series is composed of standalone episodes and which death is the main character premieres on September 6 at 8:30 pm and will be seen from Monday to Thursday.

The announcement of the series was in a face-to-face event at the Azteca Estudios headquarters and included Sandra Smester, director of Content for TV Azteca, Adrián Ortega VP of Azteca 7, program director Mauricio Meneses and Urióstegui, as well as of talent.

They announced that new fictions will gradually be added to the programming grid, the majority produced by TV Azteca and Dopamine, although they will also incorporate acquired programs. They hope to produce more than 500 hours of fiction for primetime, mostly unitary and short series. Production of another series for Azteca 7 will begin in October, and last Monday a new season of Lo Que la Gente Cuenta began shootings and is scheduled to premiere on October 11.

Sandra Smester said that with the boom in fiction production, TV Azteca cannot be left behind, having valuable talent in front of and behind the screen. “It is a channel portfolio strategy and a live entertainment line was established in Azteca Uno. In August we celebrated three years with excellent results. Azteca 7 has been incorporating fiction and for next year we will have series and more dramas in both channels,” she said, after emphasizing that the return of fiction in Uno will be with a new and original production, with great results.

Un Día para Vivir, which was already sold in Peru, has as main character death performed by María José Magán and has stories with a positive and reflective message in each chapter. In each story, death appears to different men and women, to whom it offers a day to resolve a conflict. All the people that death visits keep a secret and, in a race against time, they will have to solve some problem related to that secret.

The cast also includes Silvia Pasquel, Mauricio Islas, Andrea Noli, Sergio Kleiner, Ana Ciocchetti, Stephanie Salas, Tomás Goros, Isabela Camil and Pedro Sicard, among many others.