Elisa Aquino, Universal Cinergía: Advertising on digital media has enabled us to remain visible as a brand in touch with clients

Universal Cinergía studios are reopening gradually
Florantoria Singer|03 de julio de 2020

Universal Cinergía studios are reopening gradually, with face-to-face shooting whenever possible and remote in some countries. The dubbing company adopted sanitary protocols to operate safely. "We are going to continue maintaining deep-cleaning rules, social distancing, the use of face masks and hand washing. We will continue complying with health authorities´ and local governments´ rules," commented Elisa Aquino, VP International Sales at Universal Cinergía.

The company is working on important projects such as dubbing Bolívar from Caracol into English and the Turkish series Cennet, aired by Telemundo, and the production by CJEM Guardian: The Lonely and Great God into Spanish.

“We continue to be permanently in touch with our clients. It is a difficult moment for everyone, but we are adapting to the circumstances. We trust in the success and reopening of the industry.”

Aquino added that the transfer to advertising on digital media due to the pandemic has enabled them to remain "visible as a brand in touch with clients".