Gerardo Montero, Operations director at Universal Cinergía in Mexico City

Universal Cinergía: We are the second studio certified with Dolby Atmos in Mexico

05 de septiembre de 2019

Gerardo Montero, Operations director at Universal Cinergía in Mexico City, showed in a tour of the company's new facilities in the country. 

Starting with the great Atmos room, he highlighted that they are certified with Dolby Atmos, with a 7.2.4 sound, made up of 7 speakers all around, two woofers on the ground and four speakers on the ceiling. It also has the latest technology with a touch platform, in which the program Pro Tools for sound edition. He highlighted the pride and value they contribute to the industry in Mexico, is the second studio certified with Dolby Atmos.

He pointed out that the idea with the room "is for the projection to be seen as in a movie theater, the sound like the one in a movie theater. In movie theaters we can already find this type of Atmos sound, that is already gaining strength in the industry."
They have three recording rooms, where 2.0 or stereo recordings are made and in which they essentially record and edit dialogs, to later pass to the Atmos room for the mixing process, whether it is 5.1 or 2.0, and now with the possibility of 7.2.4. Around the three rooms, there is an open space where they also work with edition after recording the dialogs.

Liliam Hernández, president and CEO of Universal Cinergía, highlighted that since Montero has been in the company several years, he has been very supportive. Montero ended adding that "teamwork is essential. Sharing successes and seeing problems as challenges and not obstacles —phrases that are all around the studio— are the factors that have kept them together in this great teamwork”.