Felipe Cortelezzi, ViacomCBS Networks, during the talk The Rise of OTT and CTV Platforms: 87% of the audience watches content via streaming

ViacomCBS: In LatAm, there are 457 million connected devices
23 de julio de 2021

In the region there are 457 million connected devices, 87% of the audience watches content via streaming and the average daily consumption is almost three hours (2 hours 57 minutes). These were some of the stats mentioned by Felipe Cortelezzi, AVOD Director of Monetization and Operations at ViacomCBS Networks Americas, during the talk The Rise of OTT and CTV Platforms: Capturing Audiences Through the AVOD Services of Encuentros IAB - Pluto TV.

Sebastián Isaza, regional manager of the Pluto TV Campaign, also participated in the talk. Charlie Shaw of IAB Argentina introduced the panelists and also announced that the local IAB event will be held on November 2 in person, unless health regulations dictate otherwise. In which case it will be done virtually.

According to Cortelezzi, the great growth in streaming is driven by connected TV (CTV).

He indicated that users choose streaming due to on-demand content, the wide variety of programming, consumption occurs through simple and intuitive interfaces, and costs are very low or zero.

He said the steady growth in online content consumption is also driving this boom. He cited that 87% of the population between 16 and 85 years old view content online.

"People use different services to meet different needs: 73% of those surveyed indicate that they subscribe to at least one SVOD platform, while 65% to an AVOD and 84% of smarTV users use it for consumer content via streaming," he highlighted.

Other interesting findings: 54% of smart TV users tune into streaming channels first than traditional ones; 82% view SVOD weekly, and 58% view AVOD services each week.

Regarding the composition of the audience, he said that 57% are men and 43% women and 85% are between 16 and 44 years old.